Ethical Cheese

Ethical Cheese?
March 3, 2011, 10:31 pm
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Welcome to Ethical Cheese!  What the hell is ethical cheese you ask?  This particular blog was contrived as a response or venting ground for all the hypocritical things that I observe from day to day.  That being said, it will not only be a vent but also an outlet with which to espouse particular ideals that I hold dear.  The name ethical cheese came about during the course of an evening of overhearing a conversation in the local coffee shop.  Hard core vegan declares all things not vegan to be unethical then promptly tells of this wonderful cheese they ate.  Don’t worry the cheese was ethical.  What?!  I wholeheartedly support vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, whatever.  However, if you desire to shout your convictions from the rooftops follow through with said convictions.  That does it for my short intro.  My hope is to appeal to all the other smarmy, smart ass observers who may find my writing tolerable and somewhat entertaining.  The End.  Goodbye.


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You have ushered in a new era of your nerdom. You make me proud! (sniff, sniff)

Comment by Amanda

every conversation i’ve overheard makes me think of portlandia. which if you’re not watching, you need to.

Comment by catherine

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