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Intro to Ethical Cheese Part Deux
March 20, 2011, 6:42 pm
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It’s been a couple of weeks since the inaugural post and I feel the need to let you know where I’m coming from in regards to the direction of my writing/ranting.  I have an uncharacteristic dislike of hypocrisy.  Much of this distaste come from my personal journey, which I shall torment you with now.

Having grown up in the deep south for all of my life much of my story revolves around the church in some form or fashion.  I was born in a tiny town in Mississippi but raised in lovely Gainesville, Ga.  My parents, who are amazing people, raised my brothers and I in the church, and more specifically the Southern Baptist Church.  There are pros and cons to such a childhood.  I still hold a deep commitment to the church, although my views have grown as I have grown.  I have known that I was different since childhood.  It took a few years of maturity for me to accept the fact that I was gay; religion is amazing at stifling individuality and difference sometimes.  I struggled with my faith and myself for a long time and although I have come to terms and learned to accept who I am and what I believe there are a multitude of people who do not share the same feeling.  The journey that I took from scared little girl concerned for her soul to an adult who is at peace with herself has opened my eyes to the diversity that surrounds me.  That being said, the hypocrisy, hate, and disdain for me that I have experienced along the way has tempered my heart in regards to individuals who cannot see past their legalistic life rules to enjoy all the amazing things the God has given us.

I have a deep respect for those who believe wholeheartedly in who and what they are.  While I may not agree with all that I see and experience that does not discount anyone elses.  At the heart of my outlook on life sits the idea that there are things out there that are much bigger than I, and my beliefs hold that my God is plenty beg enough to deal with what I cannot begin to understand.  Because of this, it pains me to see others who are driven by fear or the unknown display hate and disdain for things that they cannot comprehend.  Tolerance does not mean submission, but it does require the empathy of someone who can admit that they themselves do not have all the answers.  The dictatorial nature of the frightened and legalistic are a reminder to all that hate begets hate, that to truly understand someone you must attempt to see life through their eyes.  Without the ability to understand others who differ from us life becomes filled with anger and hate.  This is where I find the need to show love and patience.  My life is by no means perfect or an ideal, but as I begin each new day my goal is to display a fraction of the understanding, acceptance, and love that has been bestowed upon me.  Through this understanding my hope is that others, and myself, learn from the good that surrounds us rather than the hate and despair.

My apologies for the long windedness and mindless rambling.


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Thanks, Shannon! I hope to get to hear a lot more about your own convictions as I enjoy your analysis of the idiosyncrasies of what has unfortunately become “the norm.”


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