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Good Grammar is Hot
March 27, 2011, 2:03 pm
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Just a quick word about the decline of proper grammar.  This is not directed at the variety of dialects that exist but rather towards those who ignorantly abuse the written and spoken word.  Now, for disclaimer number two, I am as guilty of occasionally botching the hell out of grammar as the next person, please don’t judge too harshly.  I have the pleasure of working with the public on a daily basis.  While the majority of the time this can be a pleasurable experience in recent days it has become quite annoying.  It boggles my mind how “adults” can massacre the English language like they do.  While I can somewhat understand the use of slang in texting, email, etc. when you speak in a public setting to anyone other than close friends please speak appropriately.  Working behind a counter serving people day in and day out it astounds me when people speak so poorly when ordering.  Complete sentences are a things of the past, and we can forget about speaking in complete words anymore.  “Hey can I have whip with?”  What?!  I know you just asked for whipped cream on your latte but please just say so, don’t make me decipher.

It makes me feel incredibly old on the occasions that I do complain about the “youth of today”.  Although, most would consider me youth as well, I can’t seem to wrap my old mind around the progression that our language has taken.  Like many, I long for the “good old days”.  It also makes me miss the things that my parents experienced that I never did.  Penmanship is a great example.  We have become so technological that no one physically writes anymore and to  that degree we have lost the art of practiced penmanship.  As a giant nerd I love books and old historical novels and wish that the eloquence of now “ancient” writing still existed and that I had the ability to participate.  Perhaps I shall take up improving my own penmanship, but what the hell is there to write?  A photo blog of handwritten essays written with sophisticated eloquence?  Now that’s an idea!  If only my fast paced modern life would slow down to provide the time.

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