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Time For a Change
March 30, 2011, 12:26 pm
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As of late I find myself growing evermore dissatisfied with life.  There has been no giant event that has alter the course of my thinking.  Just thinking in general has taken a turn for the “blah”.  Exhaustion consumes me mentally, emotionally, and physically for no apparent reason.  Ok, well the physical is due in part to the new task of playing full time mom, also known as co-parent to the Batticus.  I am in constant need of quiet and solitude, without which I become absurdly irritable.  If I were impulsive enough or brave enough I would shirk the duties of responsible adulthood and disappear for a time.  That not being possible for me I must soldier on.  I’ve begun some relatively “deep thinking” in an effort to cure my mood.

Being that it is Lenten season I am seeing an abundance of fasting, most for religious reason, and only consisting of the fast of a few things.  The nerd that nags at my brain compels me to research fasting in its entirety.  What I have found is a truly appealing and surprisingly healthy course of “cleansing” the body, mind, and spirit.  The human body is an amazing machine that has the capabilities within itself to heal from the inside out independent of modern medicine.  There is something immensely appealing to me about starting anew, cleaning the slate spiritually and physically.  My goal is to successfully complete a prolonged fast.  A prolonged fast consists of an intake of only water for an undetermined period of time.  The lack of time constraint during such a fast tends to worry people, however, if you look at some of the research your body is well equipped to handle such a task.  The goal of a fast such as this is to actually get an immense amount of rest while your body “heals” itself.  That is not entirely possible for me, although my schedule will get  a big break in the next couple of weeks to allow for such things.  Co-parenting duty are shrinking (and I’m going through separation issues we won’t discuss) and after elementary school spring break I no longer have obligations other than barista extraordinaire  to the masses (HA!).  So, my hope is to begin my journey shortly after my schedule dies down.

There are lots of things that I hope to accomplish by fasting.  I would be remiss if I wasn’t admittedly excited about the weight loss that will come with fasting.  That being said, that is not the main goal here.  I am in desperate need of some “me” time that fasting looks to provide.  Life has begun to bog me down and I am feeling overburden and burnt out.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to reconnect and renew my spiritual endeavors.  I long for a sense of peace and contentment that has not been present lately.  A chance to take some time, focus on the Word, and reconnect all the dots in my spiritual life is just what I need.  I’m also excited about the prospect of jump starting a healthier life.  The fast pace of life has turned me into a processed food junky for convenience sake and it’s beginning to take its toll.  Breaking a prolonged fast is an important undertaking that requires a lot of pre-planning and careful consideration due to the body’s lack of nutrients for so long.  Foods must be re-introduced slowly, healthily, and in small quantities.  My goal is to re-introduce my body, mind, and spirit to an all around healthier me.  Without a doubt this is going to be a trying and challenging road, but I look forward to it.  Sometimes life demands a step back to take stock of itself, a difficult road to travel in order to fully appreciate the journey ahead of us.  I will do my best to chronicle the journey as it progresses, just forgive my rants as hunger induced insanity.


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You can do it, Shannon!!! I completely understand the need for solitude to recharge. I know I need it, but I feel bad asking for it. I feel like a parenting #FAIL when I want to go away and read and not be bothered.

I’ve learned that I’m a better person all-around when I have a chance to be alone. I’m a better mother, friend, and wife. When I let the responsibility pile on and deny my need to be alone THAT is when I snap and turn into a raging, miserable bitch.

We’re introverts and that’s how we roll!

Comment by Amanda Roper

good for you shannon. having done my own small share of fasting, i can completely agree with all of the reasoning, and the hoped-for outcomes. it won’t be easy, but the benefits are so great.

hoping you’re able to achieve some clarity, and get the synthesis of mind, body and spirit that you’re seeking.

Comment by catherine

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