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Continued Readings Woot!
April 9, 2011, 7:33 pm
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Ok so the first half of read-a-thon day was not the greatest.  I got very little actual reading done due to the massive amount of people that came into work today.  Which left my book looking lonely at me for every 2 or 3 pages actually read.  Now work is complete and I can continue with the day.

I have a few books with me today in the unfortunate instance that I become bored I can switch genre.  All morning in between working I’ve been attempting to read John Shelby Spong’s “Why Christianity Must Change or Die”.  Despite the alarming title it is proving to be an interesting read mainly involving the changes that have taken place scientifically, culturally, linguistically, etc. since the birth of Christianity and the necessity for change.  I am interested to see where it will lead and looking forward to relaying said information.  Off to read!


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Sounds like some interesting reading! Enjoy the rest of the ‘thon!

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