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Life…It’s a B!tch
April 12, 2011, 12:48 am
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So today was suppose to be day one for my fast, alas it is not.  After having researched some more and looking at my upcoming schedule it isn’t meshing together very well.  Don’t judge quite yet.  According to the majority of the research that I’ve been looking at a prolonged fast should be attempted during a relative calm.  Most prolonged fasts actually take place in a fasting center with no distractions and tons of sleep to let your body heal properly.  The more energy you exert the longer the fast generally takes.  I thought long and hard about what postponing this would do.  I am actually really looking forward to fasting and want to do it properly.  I can’t do that right now with my schedule as hectic as it is, and that’s ok.  However, I do have a wonderful week of vacation coming up in May.  A full seven days spent beach side with tons of books.  The selfish part of me wants to eat tons of seafood and enjoy the home cooking that will take place with the whole family together.  The “intelligent” side of me knows that this will be a perfect opportunity for a period of my time that will be conducive to a serious fast.  As much as it may suck to be around all of my family while they partake in delicious food, I also know that getting away from everything and having some quiet time is essential to healing myself mentally, physically, and spiritually.  My hope is to take that vacation and experience a trans-formative change of my own doing.  I want to be able to experience at least a short period of relative calm and quiet, relax and let my mind go, stare into nothingness and listen to all that is around me.


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