Ethical Cheese

Let Me Clarify
April 24, 2011, 2:04 am
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Having received my first bit of hate mail do to the name and statement of my first blog I feel the need to clarify things a bit.  I was commented by what I assume would be a “vegan” and declared uneducated and judgmental because I poked fun at someone who loudly proclaimed their “vegan” status and then justified eating cheese by saying it was ethical.  I am not hating on anyone who occasionally slips from whatever diet choice they may partake in.  I understand that vegans/vegetarians often have no choice in the matter or for decorum sake sometimes ingest things they normally wouldn’t.   I am, however, intolerant of those who berate their peers and anyone within speaking distance of the unethical nature of our own eating habits.  The “new convert” syndrome that grabs all of us at some point or another can be overbearing to others around us, and yet we all learn to tolerate it.I am also not above agreeing with what many vegans/vegetarians believe in.  That being said, no one likes to be preached at and given the opportunity, yes I will confront you when you excuse your slip from “grace” by declaring that it was “ethical”.  The situation in which this blog title arose was not a forced one either.  Our “vegan” entered a well known national “grill” known for all things meat.  Not to mention the fact that said national chain is owned by a horribly unethical entity in itself.  Had it been an occasion where the establishment was not of their own choice, yes, I would have shown sympathy.  Had they simply stated “man I really wanted some cheese and even though it’s not vegan I made sure that it was ethical at least”, yes, I would have had sympathy.  However, that was not the case, our “new convert” decided to condemn those around them, sit atop their pedestal, wave heroically claiming that all who do not follow shall perish in unethical animal killing hell, and yet still try and justify their hardcore vegan status by claiming “oh it was ethical”.  Nope, not gonna fly.  If you’re going to own it, own all of it.  If you make a mistake, just say so.  Be who you are without hesitation, but also be prepared to know exactly who you are and what you stand for before climbing atop your mountain of glory and claiming divine knowledge.


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