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Continued Readings Woot!
April 9, 2011, 7:33 pm
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Ok so the first half of read-a-thon day was not the greatest.  I got very little actual reading done due to the massive amount of people that came into work today.  Which left my book looking lonely at me for every 2 or 3 pages actually read.  Now work is complete and I can continue with the day.

I have a few books with me today in the unfortunate instance that I become bored I can switch genre.  All morning in between working I’ve been attempting to read John Shelby Spong’s “Why Christianity Must Change or Die”.  Despite the alarming title it is proving to be an interesting read mainly involving the changes that have taken place scientifically, culturally, linguistically, etc. since the birth of Christianity and the necessity for change.  I am interested to see where it will lead and looking forward to relaying said information.  Off to read!


Reading Day!!!!
April 9, 2011, 12:13 pm
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Today is Dewey’s 24 Read-a-thon!!  I am ecstatic to have a day dedicated solely to reading.  The downside is that i am currently at work until 2pm, the upside, I work in a coffee shop with awesome employees who love to read too.  Ok, time to read, I’ll be updating throughout the day with books read, reading, and to be read.  Peace out…*nerd snort*

Time For a Change
March 30, 2011, 12:26 pm
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As of late I find myself growing evermore dissatisfied with life.  There has been no giant event that has alter the course of my thinking.  Just thinking in general has taken a turn for the “blah”.  Exhaustion consumes me mentally, emotionally, and physically for no apparent reason.  Ok, well the physical is due in part to the new task of playing full time mom, also known as co-parent to the Batticus.  I am in constant need of quiet and solitude, without which I become absurdly irritable.  If I were impulsive enough or brave enough I would shirk the duties of responsible adulthood and disappear for a time.  That not being possible for me I must soldier on.  I’ve begun some relatively “deep thinking” in an effort to cure my mood.

Being that it is Lenten season I am seeing an abundance of fasting, most for religious reason, and only consisting of the fast of a few things.  The nerd that nags at my brain compels me to research fasting in its entirety.  What I have found is a truly appealing and surprisingly healthy course of “cleansing” the body, mind, and spirit.  The human body is an amazing machine that has the capabilities within itself to heal from the inside out independent of modern medicine.  There is something immensely appealing to me about starting anew, cleaning the slate spiritually and physically.  My goal is to successfully complete a prolonged fast.  A prolonged fast consists of an intake of only water for an undetermined period of time.  The lack of time constraint during such a fast tends to worry people, however, if you look at some of the research your body is well equipped to handle such a task.  The goal of a fast such as this is to actually get an immense amount of rest while your body “heals” itself.  That is not entirely possible for me, although my schedule will get  a big break in the next couple of weeks to allow for such things.  Co-parenting duty are shrinking (and I’m going through separation issues we won’t discuss) and after elementary school spring break I no longer have obligations other than barista extraordinaire  to the masses (HA!).  So, my hope is to begin my journey shortly after my schedule dies down.

There are lots of things that I hope to accomplish by fasting.  I would be remiss if I wasn’t admittedly excited about the weight loss that will come with fasting.  That being said, that is not the main goal here.  I am in desperate need of some “me” time that fasting looks to provide.  Life has begun to bog me down and I am feeling overburden and burnt out.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to reconnect and renew my spiritual endeavors.  I long for a sense of peace and contentment that has not been present lately.  A chance to take some time, focus on the Word, and reconnect all the dots in my spiritual life is just what I need.  I’m also excited about the prospect of jump starting a healthier life.  The fast pace of life has turned me into a processed food junky for convenience sake and it’s beginning to take its toll.  Breaking a prolonged fast is an important undertaking that requires a lot of pre-planning and careful consideration due to the body’s lack of nutrients for so long.  Foods must be re-introduced slowly, healthily, and in small quantities.  My goal is to re-introduce my body, mind, and spirit to an all around healthier me.  Without a doubt this is going to be a trying and challenging road, but I look forward to it.  Sometimes life demands a step back to take stock of itself, a difficult road to travel in order to fully appreciate the journey ahead of us.  I will do my best to chronicle the journey as it progresses, just forgive my rants as hunger induced insanity.

Good Grammar is Hot
March 27, 2011, 2:03 pm
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Just a quick word about the decline of proper grammar.  This is not directed at the variety of dialects that exist but rather towards those who ignorantly abuse the written and spoken word.  Now, for disclaimer number two, I am as guilty of occasionally botching the hell out of grammar as the next person, please don’t judge too harshly.  I have the pleasure of working with the public on a daily basis.  While the majority of the time this can be a pleasurable experience in recent days it has become quite annoying.  It boggles my mind how “adults” can massacre the English language like they do.  While I can somewhat understand the use of slang in texting, email, etc. when you speak in a public setting to anyone other than close friends please speak appropriately.  Working behind a counter serving people day in and day out it astounds me when people speak so poorly when ordering.  Complete sentences are a things of the past, and we can forget about speaking in complete words anymore.  “Hey can I have whip with?”  What?!  I know you just asked for whipped cream on your latte but please just say so, don’t make me decipher.

It makes me feel incredibly old on the occasions that I do complain about the “youth of today”.  Although, most would consider me youth as well, I can’t seem to wrap my old mind around the progression that our language has taken.  Like many, I long for the “good old days”.  It also makes me miss the things that my parents experienced that I never did.  Penmanship is a great example.  We have become so technological that no one physically writes anymore and to  that degree we have lost the art of practiced penmanship.  As a giant nerd I love books and old historical novels and wish that the eloquence of now “ancient” writing still existed and that I had the ability to participate.  Perhaps I shall take up improving my own penmanship, but what the hell is there to write?  A photo blog of handwritten essays written with sophisticated eloquence?  Now that’s an idea!  If only my fast paced modern life would slow down to provide the time.

Intro to Ethical Cheese Part Deux
March 20, 2011, 6:42 pm
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It’s been a couple of weeks since the inaugural post and I feel the need to let you know where I’m coming from in regards to the direction of my writing/ranting.  I have an uncharacteristic dislike of hypocrisy.  Much of this distaste come from my personal journey, which I shall torment you with now.

Having grown up in the deep south for all of my life much of my story revolves around the church in some form or fashion.  I was born in a tiny town in Mississippi but raised in lovely Gainesville, Ga.  My parents, who are amazing people, raised my brothers and I in the church, and more specifically the Southern Baptist Church.  There are pros and cons to such a childhood.  I still hold a deep commitment to the church, although my views have grown as I have grown.  I have known that I was different since childhood.  It took a few years of maturity for me to accept the fact that I was gay; religion is amazing at stifling individuality and difference sometimes.  I struggled with my faith and myself for a long time and although I have come to terms and learned to accept who I am and what I believe there are a multitude of people who do not share the same feeling.  The journey that I took from scared little girl concerned for her soul to an adult who is at peace with herself has opened my eyes to the diversity that surrounds me.  That being said, the hypocrisy, hate, and disdain for me that I have experienced along the way has tempered my heart in regards to individuals who cannot see past their legalistic life rules to enjoy all the amazing things the God has given us.

I have a deep respect for those who believe wholeheartedly in who and what they are.  While I may not agree with all that I see and experience that does not discount anyone elses.  At the heart of my outlook on life sits the idea that there are things out there that are much bigger than I, and my beliefs hold that my God is plenty beg enough to deal with what I cannot begin to understand.  Because of this, it pains me to see others who are driven by fear or the unknown display hate and disdain for things that they cannot comprehend.  Tolerance does not mean submission, but it does require the empathy of someone who can admit that they themselves do not have all the answers.  The dictatorial nature of the frightened and legalistic are a reminder to all that hate begets hate, that to truly understand someone you must attempt to see life through their eyes.  Without the ability to understand others who differ from us life becomes filled with anger and hate.  This is where I find the need to show love and patience.  My life is by no means perfect or an ideal, but as I begin each new day my goal is to display a fraction of the understanding, acceptance, and love that has been bestowed upon me.  Through this understanding my hope is that others, and myself, learn from the good that surrounds us rather than the hate and despair.

My apologies for the long windedness and mindless rambling.

Ethical Cheese?
March 3, 2011, 10:31 pm
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Welcome to Ethical Cheese!  What the hell is ethical cheese you ask?  This particular blog was contrived as a response or venting ground for all the hypocritical things that I observe from day to day.  That being said, it will not only be a vent but also an outlet with which to espouse particular ideals that I hold dear.  The name ethical cheese came about during the course of an evening of overhearing a conversation in the local coffee shop.  Hard core vegan declares all things not vegan to be unethical then promptly tells of this wonderful cheese they ate.  Don’t worry the cheese was ethical.  What?!  I wholeheartedly support vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, whatever.  However, if you desire to shout your convictions from the rooftops follow through with said convictions.  That does it for my short intro.  My hope is to appeal to all the other smarmy, smart ass observers who may find my writing tolerable and somewhat entertaining.  The End.  Goodbye.

Hello world!
March 3, 2011, 2:53 pm
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